Survey Compass Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the 'Survey Compass' Android app developed by Stonekick Ltd.

There is a separate Privacy Policy for Survey Compass Pro.

Personal data is collected by Survey Compass to display personalised advertising. We keep this app free by displaying adverts and partner with Google to do this.

See below for more information.


We keep this app free by displaying adverts. We partner with Google to show ads. Google and its partners will collect a unique identifier and other data about your use of this app and combine it with information from other sources to show adverts that are (hopefully) more relevant to you.

Further information on how Google and its partners use your data can be found here.

A full list of advertising providers that may be used in the app can be found here.

Stonekick Limited holds no data relating to advertising on its own servers, all data collection and processing is handled by Google and its partners in accordance with their privacy policy.

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The owner and data controller of this app is Stonekick Limited:

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