How to pitch shift music and songs

Are you passionate about music and want to learn how to tweak your favorite songs? Or maybe you’ve found a great track, but it’s just not in the right key for you. The easiest way to change the pitch of a music track without losing quality is to use a pitch shifting app such as Up Tempo. Easily adjust the pitch of any track on your phone without compromising its quality.

Get started with Up Tempo

Ready to explore the world of pitch shifting? Just head over to the Google Play and Apple App stores and download the Up Tempo app for free. When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with an example track. Want to add your own music? Simply tap the “+” button, and you’re all set to go!

Up Tempo Getting Started

But what exactly is pitch shifting?

Pitch, simply put, is the highness or lowness of a sound. It’s like the musical scale of a note. Pitch shifting means adjusting the pitch of a sound—making it higher or lower to create a different sound.

How do you change the music pitch?

Once you’ve added a track to Up Tempo, you’ll find yourself on the controls screen. At the top you will see a waveform representing the whole track. Below this there are pitch and tempo controls.

Up Tempo Change Pitch

Want to raise or lower the pitch? It’s a breeze! Slide the pitch control to the left or right, and the magic happens. If you have a specific pitch in mind, just tap the pitch change and type in your desired value. Up Tempo lets you make pitch changes in semi-tones, giving you precise control over the transformation.

How does this relate to the music key?

Remember, changing the pitch also changes the music’s key. Up Tempo measures pitch changes in semi-tones. So, if you’re starting with a song in the key of F and increase the pitch by one semi-tone, it’ll switch to the key of F#.

You are now ready to transform the pitch of any song. Up Tempo also offers a range of other editing capabilities, including pitch adjustment, equalizer controls, reverb, and much more. So, let your creativity flow and make your tracks sound even more amazing. You can download it from the Google Play and Apple App stores.