Update to Scales Practice apps

Posted on May 31, 2013

Yesterday we released an update of our Scales Practice and Scales Practice Pro apps which help with your music practice and theory. With Scales Practice you can pick a scale and show all of its notes. You then press play to check how the scale sounds or play along with your instrument to check your pitch.

Following requests by users this latest release includes the ability to save scales into playlists. You can then choose to play through the scales in a playlist one by one or get the app to pick one at random for you. This should also help those of you having music lessons as you can get your teacher to input your scales for the week into a playlist at your lesson.

This release also fixes a bug which caused crashes on Galaxy Note devices when changing scale, and addresses scrollbar related issues which were occurring on some Sony Ericsson devices.

If you have any new feature requests for this app please let us know!

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