Update to Scales Practice – Version 1.3.0

Posted on September 23, 2013

We have recently released Version 1.3.0 of our Scales Practice and Scales Practice Pro apps.

You can now choose to use accidentals instead of a key signature when you display a scale, and choose which Clef (Bass or Treble) you want to use. The Pro version of the app also has additional scales to choose from including Blues and Major Pentatonic Scales.

The latest update also extends the range of notes that can be shown on the music stave. To give more screen space to this we have re-designed the Playlist controls and moved the settings in to the main app menu.

If there any additional features that you would like to see in Scales Practice please get in contact with us at support@stonekick.com.

You can download Scales Practice from the Google Play store at the following links:


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