Deleting your Instrumentive Account Data

This explains how to delete your account data from the ‘Instrumentive’ app developed by Stonekick Limited. The Instrumentive app is available to download from both the Google Play and Apple App stores. It has been created to help musicians record and log their instrument practice data.

Deleting your account and all associated data

You can delete your account and all associated data from within the Instrumentive app:

  1. Go to the main app menu and select ‘Account’

  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Delete my Instrumentive account’

  3. Confirm that you would like your account deleted by tapping on the ‘Delete my account’ button.

  4. If you use Instrumentive on any other devices uninstall the Instrumentive app on these to ensure your data is fully deleted.

These steps will delete all data associated with your account.

Deleting parts of your data

You can also delete any of your practice data from directly within the app. Long press on an item in a list to bring up the delete button. You can then tap to highlight everything you want to remove and press delete.

Contact Information

If you have any further questions regarding your account data you can contact us at [email protected].