Pitched Tuner User Guide

This user guide explains how to use the Pitched Tuner Android app developed by Stonekick.

Pitched Tuner allows you to tune your instrument using the microphone on your Android device.

Getting Started

When you first open the app you can choose your preferred note naming convention. This can be changed later from the Preferences menu.

Press the microphone button on the main screen to start tuning in chromatic mode. The app will display the note that is currently playing and highlight whether it is flat, sharp, or in tune.

This view works like a traditional tuner - the note is in tune when the needle points to the middle.

Tuner Main Screen

Chart view

Swipe right to access a chart view. This shows how the pitch has changed over time, which is useful for singers who want to see how consistently they are holding a note, or for practicing vibrato, etc.

The dot on the right hand side of the chart shows the current pitch, if it’s in the green zone it’s in tune. Below the green zone is flat, above is sharp.

The scale on the left hand side shows cents (same as on the needle view). Vertical lines show when a new note is detected.

Tuner Main Screen

Instrument Tuning mode

Alternative Tunings Screen

Access the instrument tuning screen by pressing the down arrow in the top action bar. Here you can pick from a list of standard tunings. For example, many woodwind or brass instruments tune to a Concert Pitch A, whereas string instruments will tune to different strings. In the pro version of the app you can also create your own custom tunings.

Once you have picked a tuning, the notes will be displayed on the main tuner screen.

Instrument tuning can either be carried out in manual or automatic mode. Tap on a note to lock tuning to this note (manual mode). Unlock the padlock to go back to auto-detecting the note being played.

Tap on the instrument name in the action bar to choose a different instrument tuning or to go back to chromatic tuning.


Tuner Preferences Screen

The Preferences menu can be accessed by pressing the menu icon in the top left hand corner of the main screen.

Here you can set:

Volume sensitivity

Set the sensitivity of the microphone to high, medium, or low.

Tuning pitch

Vary the tuning pitch from the standard 440Hz.

Note names

Change your preferred note naming convention.

Instrument transposition

Set tuning for non-concert pitch instruments by selecting a note and octave.

Accidental notation

Click to display flats instead of sharps.

App theme

Change from a light to dark theme.

Sound note

Tuner Sound Note Screen

The sound note screen can be accessed by pressing the note icon in the action bar. Here you can choose a note, octave, and instrument type. Press repeat to play a continuous reference note.

Can I request a new feature?

Definitely. We keep a log of all requests and try to implement them where we can. If you have a request please get in contact with us at [email protected].