Instrumentive User Guide

This user guide explains how to use the Instrumentive app developed by Stonekick.

Do you play a musical instrument? Use Instrumentive to practice more effectively and improve your playing:

Signing in

When you first use Instrumentive you will be asked to sign in using your Google account. This lets us back up any data you put into the app which is handy if you loose your phone with a year's worth of practice data!

You will also be able to access your data on any device which you log into.

You can use Instrumentive without signing in. However, your data will not be backed up.

What's in the app?

Instrumentive User Guide

Instrumentive has 5 different tabs:

On the Homescreen you can quickly see what you have been practicing and view your summary practice stats.

In Goals you can set goals to work towards and record your progress.

The Library lists everything you have been practicing in one place and lets you create Playlists.

You are likely to spend most of your time in the Practice sessions tab. This is where you track every time you practice. You also have the option to record your practice sessions.

Recordings lets you see everything you have recorded using the app. You can create new recordings from within a practice session.

Quick Start

Tap START on the homescreen to record your first practice session.

Here you can record each piece or exercise that you are practicing.

Instrumentive User Guide

Once you have added a practice item you will be taken to the session activity screen. Start the Timer to see how long you practice for. You can also choose to record your session.

There is an in-built metronome on this screen if you need help keeping time.

Keep using Instrumentive to record your practice and you will soon have a handy log of everything you have done.

Play more than one instrument?

Instrumentive User Guide

Look out for the 'Add an instrument...' buttons to tag an instrument to any Piece, Goal, Practice Session, or Recording. You will then be able to filter your data by instrument.

Instrumentive User Guide

Where can I get more help?

If you need help or have a feature request please get in contact with us at