Scales Practice and Scales Practice Pro User Guide

This user manual explains how to use the Scales Practice and Scales Practice Pro apps developed by Stonekick.

The Scales Practice app has been developed to help musicians practice their scales. You can pick a scale and the app will show all of its notes. When you press play the app will then start playing the scale note by note. You can use this to improve your knowledge of music scales and the notes they contain or you can play along with your instrument.

Choosing your scales and settings

When you first open the app you will see a scale displayed on a music stave. Once you press play the scale will start after four beats count-in. Each note will be played and highlighted on screen.

The tempo at which the scale plays can be varied by pressing on the BPM value.

Scales Practice Main Screen

You can change the scale by pressing the scale name on the main screen. This also allows you to alter the starting octave (middle C is Octave 4) and number of octaves played.

Choose Scale

Settings Menu

The Settings options can be accessed from the main app menu. You can change the following:

Scales Practice Options Menu

You can also choose to transpose the scales to set the tuning for non-concert pitch instruments. There are instructions on how to do this within the app.


Set Playlists of the scales which you need to practice every week.

You can save scales into a Playlist by pressing the “Save to Playlist” option in the Scales Menu (accessed by pressing on the scale name on the main screen). Load a playlist by pressing on the folder icon in the Action Bar. You can then scroll through your playlist scale by scale or choose to play through the whole Playlist in one go.

Scales Practice Playlists

Slide your screen to the right to see a list of all the scales in any open Playlist and access the Playlist controls.

<img src=”src=”/assets/img/ScalesPractice5.jpg” alt=”Scales Practice Open Playlists” />

Pro version scales/arpeggios

The following scales/arpeggios are available in Scales Practice Pro:


How do I get the app to play in the Bass clef?

You can do this by choosing Bass Clef in the settings menu. You might also need to pick a lower starting octave when you choose your scale.

The scale I have chosen isn’t displaying on the screen

If some of the notes in the scale which you pick are too high to be displayed on screen the scales will still be played, however the notes will not appear on the stave. To get a scale to display choose one with a lower starting octave or number of octaves.

Can I request a new feature?

Definitely. We keep a log of all requests and try to implement them where we can. If you have a request please get in contact with us at [email protected]..